Prepaid Ring Plan was changed to 30-day trial after adding new device

Prepaid Ring Plan was changed to 30-day trial after adding new device. I had 6-8 months remaining (can’t see any information on their website on start date) including the original 30-day trial and the 12 months via Costco. I’ve repeatedly tried contacting Ring but cannot get through. Chat is not available. On my last call I was on hold for 45mins and then gave up (I think their office is closed and I’d just be on hold until tomorrow since the call option is not available anymore).

I’m in exactly the same boat. Just finished product testing the new VD3 and my plan went to a 30 day trial which has now expired.
I had at least 6 months prepaid left maybe even more as on 23rd March 2020 I had an email to say I had £24 credit towards my protect plan. No I have nothing and can’t get in touch with Ring.
Very disappointed as this is the most important time to be recording events. Please can someone get in touch

I replaced my Ring Doorbell with Ring Doorbell 2 today May 10.

I deleted the Ring Doorbell from the app. I don’t know if that makes a difference or not.

When I logged into my account, all I saw was the 30-day trial for the Ring Doorbell 2 and no sign of my prepaid annual plan.

I called the toll-free 800 number today May 10. There was about 1 minute wait to speak to someone.

I paid through September 5, 2020 for Protect Basic annual plan.

The Ring representative extended the Protect Plus trial for another 3 months so that the trial ends on October 5, 2020 and cancelled the original plan and give me 3 months credit = $7.50


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Hi neighbors! When adding a new device to your account, depending on retailer purchased from, a 30 day free trial will start. Any subscription time you have left should automatically apply after trial ends, and if it is not already being applied to another device. Keep in mind, the Protect Basic Plan covers only one device per subscription.

If this is not the case, please ensure you were not paying monthly, and billing information did not change. Feel free to check out your subscription status on by visiting the “My Plan” section of your account.

The best next step if the above does not help to resolve this, is contacting our support team. During this time our support team is best reach by phone, depending on your region. Check out Ring’s response toCovid for more information about our support.