pre-sales question spec on range / distance on floodlight cameras

Motion – Distance / Range – current flood light motion sensors are located under roof of two-story home – what is the range of motion if I want to mount these here and front door is two stories down and twenty feet away?

How far is the range?

Garage motion detectors are about 15ft high – what is the distance / range that the motion will trigger the lights and camera?

Recording? Internal

Smart home integration?


Google home?

Hey @scopa. You can learn more about the proper positioning of the Floodlight Camera in our Help Center Article here. We recommend mounting the Camera about 9 feet high so that it can see about 30 feet out and so that the PIR sensor at the bottom can function properly to trigger the lights to come on with motion detection. For recording, the recordings are saved via the cloud with a Protect Plan subscription. You can learn more about this here. For integration, Alexa is supported at this time while Google home is not. You can learn more about this Alexa integration in our Help Center Article here.