Powering Ring Doorbell with AC adapter....

I have connected my ring video doorbell (gen 1) to an AC adapter which from memory, puts out 18V and 500mA. I’ll attached a photo of the specs.
Before I close up the cladding I would like to know how to tell if the AC power source is working if the doorbell actually always used battery and the only the battery icon is displayed.

Hi @anoniimous. Our Ring Video Doorbell does not support 3rd party power adapters. We do offer a Solar Charger which can be found here. You can also wire directly to a transformer as outlined in this Help Center article here. Using a 3rd party device can void your Ring warranty, which can be found here. Let me know if you have any other questions.

Is the wire wound resistor still necessary with the Ring Adapter?

Actually I see now that it is still necessary but not clear whether it’s included with the adapter. If it isn’t the question would be why not…?

Hi @anoniimous. The Ring Plug-in Adapter, found here, does not require a resister. This is because the Ring Plug-in Adapter is designed to be used only with the Ring Pro. The Ring Pro does not require a resister due to the nature of its design. Let me know if you have anymore questions.

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I notice there is another adapter which in Australia at least, is suitable for the Ring Video Doorbell albeit with a resistor.
Are you able to tell me whether the new Chime and Chime Pro are equipped with new sounds or the same old unbearable ones?

Forgot to append screenshot.

Hi @anoniimous. Yes, for the Australian market, the Plug-in Adapter supports multiple Ring Video Doorbells. This because the power rating for the Australian products are different than that of the US. You can select the appropriate Ring.com website you are visiting by scrolling to the bottom of the page and selecting “Change” in the bottom right of the screen.

The Chime has around 15 different standard tones with new seasonal tones that become available during the holiday season.

I’ll have the required wirewound resistor hard wiring my first generation Ring Video Doorbell. Before I install it I wanted to ask if the resistor would still be required were I ever to upgrade to a 1080p 2020 version of the same, given the cable and resistor will be hidden behind cladding. All good if it is, inconvenient it is not…
Thank uou

Hi @anoniimous. Yes, you will need the wirewound Resistor .