Powered Spotlight Camera failure

I was curious if anyone else has had this problem. I purchased a corded (powered) spotlight camera earlier this week and tried to install it this afternoon. I went through the full setup and connected to the WiFi, app, etc. All seemed well until just after the setup completed the spotlights turned on and the bottom LED light turned green. Initially the App said it was doing a firmware update, but after 10 minutes it just said it lost connection and to re-connect it to WiFi. It also got so hot I could barely touch the sides of the camera. No amount of button pushing/holding or power cycling would turn the lights off or return to setup mode. Tech support couldn’t do anything for me either so they told me to return it at the store for a new one. I did that, and had the exact same failure with the second camera. This time I’m having Ring send me a new camera as it seems my local store has a bad batch. Two cameras with the same critical failure just seems really odd.

Hi @DBowperson. Glad to hear that our support team was able to get you a replacement. Best of luck with your new cam! :smiley: