Power outages disrupt light schedules

We have rather frequent power outages where I live, and when they occur the light schedules for my two smart bulbs stop working. Reinstalling the bulbs and creating new schedules solves the problem, but that’s a pain. Creating new schedules without reinstalling works, too, but then after a while I end up with stacks of schedules I can’t remove. Is there an easier fix, or better yet a way to keep outages from blowing the bulbs’ minds?

Sorry to hear about this, @rsdaniel3! A power outage is likely to cause loss of your network, which will impact the Bridge and Ring Smart Lighting device connection, but should not affect the Ring app settings. With that being said, reinitiating settings is sometimes needed to establish that communication, as you mentioned doing with your schedules. The best way to prevent this is optimal connection to the Bridge and from the Bridge to your other Smart Lighting Devices.

Here is our Community post about Smart Lighting signal for help with optimizing connection.

The next time this occurs, please wait a couple of days before altering/ reinitiating the schedules, to see if the settings resolve over time. Feel free to let us know how this goes! :slight_smile: