Power outage

Assume that I have Stick-up plugin cameras with battery backup and Ring Protect Basic. In a power outage I will loose wi-fi as well. (1) How does this show up in the phone app? (2) Will the camera save images taken during the outage for later transmission when power is restored?

Hey @lanecito. When there is a power outage and wifi is unavailable, the Ring camera will report as offline in the app, as there is not a connection to the wifi from it being unavailable. This may not be instant, as the device may have not detected any motion during this disconnect. At max, it may be 24 hours before it reports as offline in the app, if there is no motion activation from the camera within this 24 hour time frame. Once the camera is prompted to record, it will recognize it does not have a connection to the wifi, be unable to record, and thus report as offline.

You can also test if the camera is functioning when wifi is out by trying to trigger a Live View, which should time out, and then report as offline. Any events that happen when the device is offline are unable to be captured and stored, and therefore you will not see them show up after the fact.