Power for a Ring Video Doorbell Pro and Ring Video Doorbell 2

Hi, I would like to power a Ring Video Doorbell Pro and Ring Video Doorbell 2 (Battery) with 1 AC plug-in Adapter (No mechanical or digital chimes). I saw a different post where it was suggested to use a 16V 30VA transformer for 2 Pro doorbells.

Multiple questions:

  1. Because I’m using a doorbell Pro and a doorbell 2 (which doesn’t require as much power because of the battery), should I still use a 30VA adapter? Or should I use a 20VA instead?

  2. Does each doorbell require a Pro Power Kit V2?

  3. The Doorbell 2 requires a resistor. Does the Pro Power Kit V2 replace the resistor or do I need both?

  4. Does the Ring plug-in adapter have a resistor built-in? I’m trying to compare the ring branded adapter and a generic 24v adapter.



Great questions @BigEHead! For this scenario, I recommend using one of our hardwired transformers, rather than the plug-in adapter. Reason being is that the plug-in adapter only runs 2 wires, which would only power one device.

Connecting the Doorbell 2 and Pro directly to the transformer (without a chime kit) will require both the Pro Power Kit bypass mode and a wire wound resistor to be installed to the appropriate wires. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Thanks Marley, I can connect multiple doorbells to the plug-in adapter using wire nuts. I’d prefer this instead of a hardwired transformer. If i did connect it that way, would a 20VA adapter work? Or should I go with a 30va?

What does the Pro Power Kit V2 do in bypass mode?