Potential new Ring owner Have questions

I am new here and I am sorry for this long post. I am trying to get some info on a few questions I have and I have not been able to find what I am looking for.

I currently have an ADT Pulse Alarm system with cameras, door and window triggers motion sensor, everything. Recently I just upgraded my internet from Spectrum to Frontier Fiber 1 gig service. They provided (2) Eero Pro 6 routers to make a mesh system. Well since then the cameras are no longer working and ADT is telling me they will not work with the Eero Pro 6.

Ok thats fine, I have been having issues with ADT so I am willing to switch. My question is if I go with a Ring Pro system I understand I have to use the base station as the primary router for all of the Ring functions to work. Also, I don’t know if the Ring base station is compatible with Frontier Fiber. I assume it is since I am using an Eero Pro 6 as a main router now. Could I use the Ring Pro base station as the main router and use the other two Eero Pro 6 as units to create a mesh network? Will the wireless ring cameras and door bell still connect to the base station or will they try to connect to Eero Pro 6 I have now. From what I understand there is compatibility issues with the Eero pro 6 alone and the Ring Cameras and doorbells.
I think thats all I have for now. I am looking forward to going with Ring and I hope someone here has some experience with the questions I have.

thank you

Hi @wcrandall1959. We recently added the ability to set up the Ring Alarm Pro as an extender to an existing Eero system. This Help Center article here provides a chart that does show it can be added as an extender to an existing Eero and still have all the Ring Alarm Pro features work. It also has a section that states that if you have an existing Eero mesh network setup, we generally recommend adding Alarm Pro as an extender instead of replacing your Eero gateway device. Doing so allows you to preserve existing Eero features while still supporting Alarm Pro’s advanced functionality. For additional information on setup configurations for the Eero that’s built into the Alarm Pro and your other Eero routers, you can contact Eero support. I hope this helps.

Thanks Justin,
that makes sense. I have ordered everything for my new Ring System. I am looking forward to getting it all installed next weekend.


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