Post trial iOS upgrade offer at bottom of app still showing

It has been a couple weeks since the 30 day trial has ended. I’ve actually signed up for a single camera subscription. However, at the bottom of the dashboard on the IOS app an orange notice to upgrade still shows (attached screenshot). The devices I have hooked up are the base station, keypad, door senor, and 1 camera. Issue presents on my iPad too.

Hi @Dippers. The message that you are seeing is because you have the Basic Plan currently, and the app is promoting the Plus Plan. The reason for the promotion of this is because you have the Ring Alarm system, and you can get the professional monitoring with the Plus Plan. In order to get this pop up to go away, are you able to select on it and “view” the pop up for it to go away? Once you have viewed it on all devices with the app, let’s see if the message still persists!

Thanks Chelsea. I’ve clicked on the message on both devices, but it persists. Clicking the link on my iPhone and iPad brings me to the link

I’ve tried the Ring Windows app on my desktop and no notice shows there. The above URL suggests this might just be a mobile issue.


P.S. Sorry for the late reply. I thought I was setup to receive an email notification when this was replied to.

The message finally went away after I went into the settings. The Monitoring was set as Self Monitored already (I had done this already), but I went through the steps again to reconfirm Self Monitored then closed and reopened the app. This seems to have finally removed the trial messaging from both my iPhone and iPad.