Post 30 day (barely) return of wrong wedge type

I was unable to resolve this with online support and they directed me here.

I am trying to return two wedge kits that are part of order 001-4479800

It has just been just over 30 days since I purchased them (Oct 30) them, so the system is blocking the return, but there are extraordinary circumstances.

I purchased these along with a door bell, but once I got the door bell I found it was the wrong type for my application and I returned it and ordered the right doorbell which I just installed. However, I now see that the wedge kits do not work with this newer doorbell. I received the two wedge kits and original doorbell on Nov 3. I talked with Support on Nov 10 to initiate the return of the original doorbell and subsequently ordered the new one which I just installed - and found that the wedge kits are the wrong size for this doorbell.

Customer support said: “I am unable to process a return for the wedge kit. As much as I want to process it, technically I am not allowed.

To which I asked: “Can I escalate? If the previous support person I worked with to return the first doorbell told me these wouldn’t work I would have returned them then. I am a multi-year customer with a subscription and 5 ring devices”

Customer support replied: “I completely understand, you can post a feedback on this at and our specific team will reach out to you with regards with your concern.”

So here I post this, though it was not clear where in I should be posting.

Thank you for your assistance.

Hi @user29591. I can see how this is not a desirable outcome. I will forward this feedback so we can improve on this process and mitigate these circumstances in the future. However, the Ring Community is a peer to peer support forum and we are unable to process returns or replacements. Returns are done exclusively by our support team. I recommend reaching out to our support team and asking to speak to a level 2 supervisor and explaining your situation to see if there is anything that they can do for you. Thanks, neighbor.