Why won’t this doorbell stay online??? we’ve had this problem for well over a year now! We’ve gotten new Internet service , we’ve extender, routers, we’ve done everything Ring reos have asked us to do to fix this POS! Why does this ring keep going off-line? HELP!!! I’ve sent so many emails and requests to get this thing fixed or replaced and receive nothing from this company.

I’m having a similar issue and can’t even get to contact the company. I keep getting sent to the Community. I have a Ring Video Doorbell Pro that’s been in use for two years and over the past week, it started going offline for no reason. No changes to my Internet, the hardwire power is OK, and the router is only 20 feet from the doorbell. All other Ring devices are OK. I read somewhere that having a ChimePro would help. Have you tried that yet? Just wondering what others have experienced before considering that route.