Portrait/Landscape modes

So have 3 new cameras and a doorbell. I’ve read in a previous thread that according to a Ring rep not being able to use the main menu/thumbnail view in landscape =is by design=. This means that you can’t monitor your cameras without it being portrait, but when you want to look at one camera it automatically switches to landscape. So, this means you have to constantly rotate your device to do any useful monitoring.


I would like to know when this is going to be fixed, because if it isn’t, I’m probably going to send the 3 cameras I just bought back and get Simplisafe cameras, since I have that system and they don’t have idiots designing their app.

Sorry to hear about this experience, @scxy1234! With the Timeline view and the Event History section of the Ring app, there are various way in which you may view and filter recordings. This also extends to the mobile device, as you can access your recordings via the Ring app on compatible android and ios devices, as well as via web browser at Ring.com. As we always value our neighbors’ feedback, feel free to add this request on our Feature Request Board. This way other neighbors can share their interest in one place, that we can organize and share with our teams here. :slight_smile: