Pop ups in app. What were they for?

This morning whilst trying to diable the alarm when half asleep 2 pop-ups occured as I opened the app. This is android app on an S10+.

I didn’t catch them properly and I think I clicked yes to the first one accidentally.

What were these pop ups for? I have no idea an cannot find any recently changed settings within the app.

Also can I suggest not showing pop ups in the app when the alarm is in countdown entry mode. What an abosultely stupid time to expect people read pop up messages.

Hey @McLovin. It is possible that you were getting a pop-up for the new Modes feature that we released for our doorbells and cameras. You can explore these settings under Settings > Modes. Thank you also for your feedback on the pop-up process! I agree with you on this, as this could cause you to miss an important notification as you are urgently trying to disable the Alarm. I will make sure to pass this onto the appropriate team for you!