Poor support for macOS Ring App - incompatible with macOS Big Sur

Are Ring serious about supporting their macOS users? I’ve. been getting this error with the macOS Ring App version 2.8.2, will Ring get behind their macOS users and update their Ring App to be compatible with macOS Big Sur? It’s not very good to have no way of reporting this problem to the software developers. I think you’ll lose lots of new customers after they realise you’re not really interested in giving them support.

There’s a bunch of threads going back over a year and prior to Big Sur with essentially this same complaint (often about requiring ‘forced quit’ but other also). The only way to effectively communicate would seem to be user reviews on the App Store.

Ring won’t answer you, so I will. No, they do not care about supporting MacOS. See my posts going back several months on the problems. Read the App Store reviews from the last four months. Note that the app hasn’t been updated in three months.

If you can return the product, do so. I would, if I could.

Maybe this will help: Ring app requires 'Force Quit' macOS Big Sur 11

Give it a try and let me know.