poor service

I purchased 3 cameras. I had a 30 day trial with one and they wiped all the videos after only 26 days, without even bothering to contact me. I had a breakin with damage and theft exceeding $2,000. Ring then charged me $90 for a renewal, even though the one camera was still on the trial. They did not advise me or ask me before taking my money by way of my credit card.

When I complained, I spent over 5 hours over the past week in speaking to various staff, most of whom have english as a second language. I also spoke to two people who said that they were supervisors and both. repeadedly apologized and both promised to fix everything and both promised to get back to me, but neither of them have.

this latest supervisor did make some corrections in the charges, but refused to discuss or deal with my loss, nor explain why when my phone ring app showed that I still had five days left on my trial plan. She also refused to forward me to a more senior staff member or provide me with any contact information in order that I could follow up on this.

I do not think that it right that they took money from me without even telling me, removed the videos while my trial plan was still active and refuse to deal with the loss which I incurred, for which having my ability to go to the police and show them the video might have resulted in the theives being caught.

In summary, I have been a ring user for over two years and have recommended it to many others, especially seniors like myself. I think they have acted poorly, to say the least, in pushing me aside and ignoring these matters.

I just got Ring doorbell Pro…how do they charge for things without you knowing firsthand.

They don’t… If you have an existing plan they do notify you before renewal. I have been. But if it goes into your Spam folder, you may not see it. Also I have no idea what a $90 fee would be for. There is no $90 plan for 2 cams or anything…

I live in the Florida highlands and I’ve been and keep getting stole from do u live in the highlands too

Oh is their a way we could save these videos I had my on up for a day and it stop ed working for a while to day and I try to look at the motion detect feed and it says no longer available ? Not sure if u no. How to fix or why but hope ur not stolen from no more I dispise fn theives

Hi neighbors. If you are concerned about theft in your area, or even specialized burglars, we recommend have two Ring devices such as a Doorbell and a Cam to cover the whole yard at different angles. Check out our theft policy which will help you if your device does get stolen. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: