Poor Ring Connection

I apologize for the length of the post, but I think it’s all relevant.
I have a 50mbs internet plan. I was having difficulty with range. I was only getting about 10mbs in my office. I wasn’t happy with it, but it was working, so I was kinda lazy about it.
Then I got a ring doorbell and was having difficulty connecting. One thing I tried was adding a Netgear range extender with 2.4gz and 5hz. I was able to connect the door ring to the 2.4gz.
Then, a friend recommended adding another node to my Linksys mesh. I called Linksys support to figure out if I needed a specific model. He did some checking and long story short, he upgraded the firmware and all of a sudden I am now getting 40mbs in my office. Cool so far, right?
Then I started adding a few ring cameras inside and out. I can get some of the outdoor floodlight cameras to connect to Netgear 5gz, but I cannot get them to connect to the mesh. Doesn’t make sense. I am also having difficulty getting the indoor camera to connect to anything.
So, I am wondering, is the ring connection tied to the netgear because that’s where I connected the door ring to in the first place? Do I need to reset all of the rings and try to connect to my mesh? Currently I cannot get any ring device to connect to my mesh network.

I’d recommend having the same SSID across all WiFi access points regardless of 2.4 or 5.
That way any device in your house will connect to the strongest connection that it finds.
Also, starting from scratch with the cameras might be advisable.
How to completely reset your Ring Security Camera – Ring Help

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Hi @rocmond. I would start off with doing a reset to your Video Doorbell in which you press and hold the set up button on the device for 20–25 seconds. Then try reconnecting your Video Doorbell to see if it joins your mesh network. If your Video Doorbell does join your mesh network, then I would do the same step for the rest of your Ring devices. If that fails and your Ring devices can connect to one network but not the other, it could be a certain setting on your one network that is preventing your devices from joining it. Check out this Help Center article here to help you look into your network settings. I hope this helps!