Poor live view video quality on solar powered Stick Up camera

Just got this and am pleased with it, but as you can see from the pics the quality is not consistent with the night view. There is no change in what he camera sees, jut the way it displays it. I have tried all the settings to no avail. Battery is fully charged and continuing to do so. The top pic, with the glare from the lights, has a sharper image close up, but the lower one seems to have better overall quality. Any ideas? Input would be greatly appreciated.

The camera has been working fine for a couple of days. Maybe it was a one time glitch. I’ll give it a few more days then delete this post if all remains good.
Still not working well.
Please Help!!

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Thanks for the update on this, @dc601652f1e744025136! As this is intermittent, or not happening all the time, it could be related to network connection. Wifi signal interference might also cause video to skip or freeze, which would be good indicators that connection might be the culprit. Check out your RSSI in the device health section of the Ring app, to ensure for optimal wifi signal.

As temperatures change, your lens might also come in contact with environmental factors. Please ensure it is not light glare, reflection from the vehicles, or even condensation on the lens. Feel free to let us know how this goes! :slight_smile:

@dc601652f1e744025136 the issue here is your lens is fogging up and misting over. I had/have the same issue with my battery Stick Up Cam. This isn’t a Ring problem, or a problem with the camera per se. This is common on cameras that do not have a hard-wired power source. My cam had the exact image issues as your pics above.

I’m using 2 light coats of regular RainX (on the lens only) followed by 2 light coats of Optix55 anti-fog spray and it has greatly helped my issues. It hasn’t completely resolved the problems for me, but it has however significantly helped. These need re-applied every month or so too. Use a microfiber cloth to apply both.

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