RING - I work in Law Enforcement. We keep seeing homes with active 24-7 monitored alarms being burglarized. Burglars are in and out of a home usually in under a minute. From time of alarm activation to the time police are dispatched after trying to call an account holder is 2 to 3 minutes at best is a huge waste of time.

I would like to suggest you allow users to opt-in an option to bypass calling the homeowner/keyholder first. If there is multiple interior activations then immediately dispatch Police first then follow-up by calling the listed homeowner/keyholder. This will allow Police to start moving towards the alarm and if a homeowner/keyholder answers the phone giving the proper cancellation code and cancels then no big deal and police can be canceled prior to arrival.

This gives us a upper hand to the good guys and you might be the only company to offer this. Add Alexa Devices to sound a louder audible alarm via speakers as well and BOOM million dollar idea. Your welcome! Please consider this as an option.