POE Cameras for users who take there security serious

WIFI jammers are out there and they throw your signal off from your routers and you no longer can see whats happening. Any good burglar will have this technology Ring needs to offer a POE version for their cameras for folks who take their security seriously.

All my devices are hard lined and I turn off the WiFi at home since there are companies out there like Tyler Technologies, Verizon lease look up Verizon partnership with Cellco law enforcement and you will see the kind of information they can pull and obtain. partnership with Cellco who specializes in hacking peoples devices and pulls personal information and data from them. The FCC and the federal government have given sweeping powers to these companies to track American citizens. They have streamlined this process to make it easy to do this without your knowledge. They actively place families under surveillance by hacking networks and obtain EMEI numbers from your phones to mirror those devices.

Please upgrade your computers to Linux OS, use a TOR Browser and VPN, know whats on your routers and frequently change passwords, use a Signal for your messenger or texts. Never save any of your passwords online. All smart means if that its easily hacked don’t buy technology you don’t understand as it can be used against you and without your knowing its happening.