Plug-in adapter and Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2

I just had a Ring VIdeo Doorbell 2 installed, but apparently my doorbell transformer is not strong enough (and as of yet can’t find it to replace). So I am considering the plug-in adapter.

A question on the plug-in adapter and the Doorbell Pro 2:

The adapter needs to be plugged in indoors, but how weather resistant is the cable?

If I run the cable through a hole in the wall and feed along my exterior siding to the doorbell is that safe?
I know the video tutorial mentions running it out a door or window, so I assume it’s safe but would like to know for sure.

Glad you asked, @pointyskull! This is indeed a safe application, as long as the plug component itself is plugged into an indoor outlet, that is not exposed to the outside. On the other end of the wire is going to be the connections that attaches to your Video Doorbell Pro 2. Similar to the doorbell wiring that would have been here, this will also fit to the back and the Video Doorbell is then mounted. This will ensure only the protected cable is shown or exposed. Check out our Help Center article for installation and usage tips. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: