Please help me with a sensor on an awkward door

Hi all,

I’m in the UK and will hopefully be receiving my alarm today :slight_smile:

I already received a door sensor and can see that my door may possibly be an issue as it is raised from the door frame (the door frame sits behind it). Is the position in the picure attached the best way to set it up in this case or is there a better way? The door is about 15mm thicker than the door frame.

Thanks for any help!

Thank you for sharing @TwiceNightly! I’m sure you will get many suggestions from other neighbors in the Community.

The frame you are mounting on looks to make the magnet stick out further than the Contact Sensor, however, they are at the necessary proximity from each other and the grooves look to line up. That area may just work.

There can often be environmental variables faced when mounting, sometimes it requires a creative solution, such as adding padding to raise the Contact Sensor off the door a bit more. Check out our help center article on different door placement methods to see which might fit you best. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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That might work, but I would go to the Ring site and buy the slim magnet.


Thanks, almost as much to ship that from Ring as it is to buy it here in the UK!

I heard you can take the magnet out of its housing and just stick that there?

Taking the magnet out of the housing would probably work.

But IMHO, the “slim” magnet seems to be a stronger magnet than the magnet in the standard sensor.

That extra strength would allow more flexibility in placement & still be within the acceptable variance.

Putting an extra adhesive tab (or 2) under the one that does not stick out as much would also work. But that might not look as good.