I have a Ring 2 DB but does not have the"Pet Motion" feature. Is there some devices or plans that exclude some customers?

Hi @Mungadog, are you referencing the “People Only Mode?” I recommend reviewing our Ring Help Center Article here to learn more about People Only Mode and what devices it is available for currently.

Hi Chelsea and thanks for replying. I do have the “Protect Plan Basic” and l readig the link I believe I should have Pet Motion or People Only Mode feature. I have just renewed my subscription about three weeks ago.

I cannot see what version of firmware is installed except that app says my firmware is up to date. I have tried deleting the app, rebooting my iPhone X and reinstalled the Ring App, logged in again and still no People Mode Only.

Any ideas - Maurie

I can’t find where it says what firmware

@Mungadog You will be able to find the firmware version under Device Health, but if it says Up to Date and you don’t see the “People Only” setting under “Smart Alerts,” it just hasn’t been rolled out to you yet! Please give it some time and make sure your app is up to date and you should have this feature in the near future.