Periodically Unable to Disarm from Keypad

Twice recently I have been unable to disarm my alarm from either of my keypads. I am positive I am entering the correct code, and last time the alarm went off before I was able to get my app open to disarm the system.

Today, when I came home at lunch I was able to disarm from the keypad. But just now, I entered the pin yet the alarm kept timing down. I entered it one more time with no luck before disarming from the app.

When I check the alarm event history there are 4 “Pin Rejected” messages (even though I only tried the keypad twice) then “Disarmed from app” and then ANOTHER “pin rejected” after it was disarmed.

I’ve had a Ring alarm for 3.5 years and never experienced this before. After the first time it happened I “reconfigured” the keypads but obviously that did not solve the problem. Anyone else deal with this issue and have a solution?

I have had a very similar problem for probably over a year. It is intermittent of course, so it is hard to duplicate. When the system goes in to entry delay, I enter the pin on the keypad, and there is sometimes an extended delay (maybe 5 seconds) before it disarms. Sometimes it doesn’t disarm at all, and I have to enter the pin again. I then look at the history, and there is a “pin rejected”. I have contacted Ring support twice about this, and they have yet to solve it. The last time I talked to them, there was sort of a suggestion that it could be the base station, but they certainly weren’t going to commit to that. I have swapped around my keypads, and it still happens. I moved the base station into the same hallway as the entryway keypad, same result. I have never had any other problems arming or disarming the system. It is only when it goes into Entry delay. I am on the verge of trying a new base station, but there are no guarantees. Very disappointing.

Hi neighbors! A basic troubleshooting step to try with the Keypad would be to factory reset it and then add it back into your system through the Ring app. You can find steps on factory resetting your Keypad and other Ring Alarm devices here. If this concern persists, it would be best handled by our support team as they can pull up your account and see what may be going on. Please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.