Perfectly legit posts being removed

There have been a rash of robberies in my area, my ring camera captured a vehicle driving all the way to the end of the clearly marked private road, then turn down my driveway , make a lap around my property and speed off . I posted the video in the “unexpected activity” category . How would this not be considered unexpected. What other category should I have used?
I see in the forum lots of other users getting their videos turned down because it’s in the wrong category.
How many other people tried to post videos who were recently cased, and/ or ripped off , and the videos went nowhere like they did for me?

I received this email in response:

Your post was removed due to the recent changes to the Unexpected Activity category. Previously this type of content was allowed on Neighbors, however based on feedback from the community about what posts were most useful to them, changes were made to be more selective. We believe that these changes are necessary to reduce the possibility of false accusations and to maintain a culture on Neighbors where all are welcome.

We’re not perfect, so if you feel a mistake was made, please reply to this email so our team can take another look. Thanks for understanding and assisting us in making neighborhoods safer.

So am I reading this right? You can no longer post suspicious activity in the neighbors app? I need to post this in the crime category, since they were trespassing?

Is someone looking into car windows with a flashlight committing a crime? Or would that be suspicious activity?

“We believe that these changes are necessary to reduce the possibility of false accusations and to maintain a culture on Neighbors where all are welcome”

Who writes this stuff?? What does this even mean? the person joyriding on my property is not welcome, and apparently I am not welcome to share videos here.

I’m sure this is a waste of time. I’m going to get some canned generic response and it won’t make any difference
Thanks for listening

Hi @WtfRacineWI. Post on the Neighbors app and reviewed and moderated by the Neighbors app team. I suggest reaching out to them via email to have them review your post. If they deem it not appropriate for a particular category, try finding out what category your video would fit in. I agree that some neighbors will find the information you share to be useful, so thank you for being an outstanding neighbor!

I’m having a similar issue. Feelsl ike this is a joke. I have responded to Ring for review and I get another canned response. They are not even reading my email or posts. If you figure out what category you are able to finally post in, please update this. “We want you to protect yourself and your neighbors but will only allow you to post after the harm has been done and the crime has been committed. No warnings for you. Sorry.” Love, Ring Bot.

I just had someone who was driving past my house, park, come onto my property and try to call my neighbors cat over (who was just in my backyard). The ring announced that they were being recorded. She is audible saying " heck no, i dont want you anymore". Then puts her hood up, walks off my property, gets back in her car and drives away.

I would say… thats the very definition of unusual or suspicious. This is the third time she has stopped by my house. I dont know who shes is!

However… ring has removed my posts. I emailed them back and I was still turned down after review.

Great job keeping the neighborhood safe, Ring!