People Only Mode

Sometime last week, People Only Mode stopped working for me on all of my devices. I was no longer alerted when a person was in front of any camera. When I turn off the feature, motion detection alerts normally. I’m guessing a change was rolled out and that it has a problem.

I tried to report this problem via customer support but was told that I would have to call back some other time to report the problem, not sure what that was about.

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Hey @spstanley, if you can, I recommend to reach out to our support team again to document this on your account. I’m sorry if there was any confusion before when you were reaching out, but reporting this to them will ensure the appropriate next steps are provided to you. Also, you can feel free to chat into our support team here if it’s easier. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, your support team doesn’t know what People Only Mode is, and asked only that I reset all devices to factory settings. That took a lot of time and effort but did nothing. I’m absolutely certain this isn’t a problem with each and every device I have.

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