People Only Mode is Useless!

I know this has been mentioned numerous times, but I haven’t seen a resolution yet in months and I’d like to see this get resolved. I am a full “Plus” paying customer of 3 different locations and feel I (and the rest of us having issues) deserve to get some answers.

I have a Floodlight Cam facing out my back door that is set for People Only Mode, but it triggers anything and everything that moves, including cats, chickens, etc. It notifies me at all hours of the night and is quite annoying and useless if it doesn’t work properly.

I also have numerous hardwired Stick Up cams inside, which all are set for People Only Mode and to NOT get notified when it’s not a human. Yet, they insist on triggering alarms on non-human shadows on the walls that come in through the windows (when they move based on time of day). I pretty much have to turn off all notifications, which defeats the purpose of having the cameras there in the first place.

Information (shared to me by support) was that their hardwired devices use pixel based sensing while the battery operated devices use heat based sensing, which makes sense why some of the other threads talked about how their wireless devices worked better for them when it came to People Only mode. But does this mean all of us with hardwired devices are SOL and need to swap out all of our equipment if Ring can’t get it together and write the code to fix these issues? I am already several thousands of dollars invested and need to get what I’m paying for soon. Please, somebody help. Thank you. #frustrated