People only mode for wired stick up cam

It seems like the only thing people only mode does on the wired stick up cams is set the motion sensitivity setting to a reduced level that can’t be changed. On my battery powered stick up cam, I get a notification that says “person detected” when a person walks by in people only mode. However, on my wired stick up cam in people only mode, I just seem to get the usual “motion detected” notifications, whether or not there is a person. It seems like people only mode should actually look for people on the wired stick up cam, but all it seems to do is fix the motion sensitivity to a lower setting. Does anyone else have the same experience?

Hi @mconomos. The People Only Mode feature will behave a little differently depending on how your device is powered. If you toggle the People Only Mode on with a hardwired device, your device will only record and alert you to human being related events. For battery powered devices, your device will record all events, but usually only send you a notification when a human-being is detected. You can read more in our Help Center Article here. I hope that helps! :slight_smile:

Hi @Caitlyn_Ring . Thanks for the reply. I understand from the help center article that this is how People Only Mode is supposed to work for hardwired cameras, but I don’t think that is how it is actually working.

For my hardwired stick up camera, when in People Only Mode, I’ve never gotten a notification that says “person detected” (like i do with my battery powered stick up cam). Additionally, I get motion notifications from my hardwired camera for things like leaves blowing in the breeze or passing headlights. The hardwired camera also often misses me when I walk by about 10 feet in front of it. When in “People Only Mode”, the motion sensitivity is fixed to a low value and can’t be changed - (I think this is why it fails to detect me - if I turn off People Only Mode and increase the sensitivity, then it sees me). I’m not sure why People Only Mode would require lower motion sensitivity when hardwired; that seems like a separate issue from recognizing a person.

Are any of these known issues that are being worked on?

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This feature is still not working properly on plugged-in stick up cams. When will Ring fix it? It’s been months.

As @mconomos has said, when the camera is setup as a plug-in camera, it behaves like People Only mode is disabled (despite the option being turned on). It sends notifications for every movement detected (trees, cars, cats, birds, etc.).

If I reset the camera and set it up as a battery camera, People Only mode works normally, sending notifications only when there is a person present.

I have never received a “Person detected” notification when the camera has been plugged-in. Only when the camera is not plugged-in do I ever get a notification that says “Person detected”.

I’ve phoned Ring support months ago and told them this but they just ignored me. Awful customer service.
I’m a software engineer; I know a software bug when I see one.

People Only mode does not work in plugged-in stick up cams.

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