People only Mode detecting flag

Our Doorbell Pro faces front yard and is in the middle of a 34’ long porch. I have the zone set to not detect peopl on the sidewalk, but will detect front yard and driveway. We put out our flag, and when it waves the doorbell senses it. The flag is about 8’ in front of the doorbell Pro. Your one post says the People Only mode looks for heat sense (HEAT SIGNATURES The reason your device is looking for heat signature movement is to try and lessen the number of false motion alerts you receive. If it alerted you to all movement in front of your door (e.g. your neighbor’s flag) you would likely get sick of those constant false alerts. Your sensors are specifically l…)

Why is my flag being picked up?

I am having the same issue and it drives me crazy. I have all the settings to the recommended ones, but rarely do I get a picture of the delivery person or someone at my door, just a picture of the package about 3 hours later. But I get notifications constantly of the flag waving or cars passing by even though I have it set to detect people only.

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Hi neighbors! People only mode is certainly intended to refine alerts and is available on both battery and powered devices. The Ring Pro does not use heat signatures for detecting motion, but our battery powered Doorbells do.

Check out our help center article about people only mode for tips on using this feature best.

As each environment varies from the next, we recommend testing all motion settings through trial and error to optimize detection for the area your device is mounted in. While People only mode should help limit non-human motion alerts, you might find better results with this feature off and through fine tuning other settings. Feel free to let us know if you have any questions along the way! :slight_smile:

I have a battery ring and it sends constant alerts in People Only mode and the only thing there is my flag.

Battery ring doorbell, People Only mode, no shiny lights just flag waving - triggering average of 20 “Person detected” alerts every day.

I’m happy to provide a video to help train your AI/ML algorithms on what is and is not a Person.

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