Hi… I have bought your basic kit along with additional keypad, motion sensors, contact sensors several strobe alarms, several doorbell 2’s, first alert Z wave smoke & CO detectors along with Yale 240 dedbolts and Z wave modules. Oh yea… Three domes alarms and z wave wall switches to activate the strobe siren alarms I bought for the outside. In essence I have spent a ton of money for a modest retired person.

To be honest… After setting almost all of this up I switched over to my old Sony VAIO SV5202A11L so I could mount it on the wall and control monitor my Ring Alarm System.

DARN what a let down… The Ring application for Windows is such a huge disappointment and I feel it’s going to be a deal breaker for sure. So if you tell me this is the way it is going to be then I will have no other choice the to return everything and go with another system. I’m not going to control this with my phone all the time so, if your not going to have any more control for the PC application then please let me know BEFORE I SIGN UP FOR MONITORING.

Best professional regards, Jeff Henderson

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Sorry about this, @KJ4RNV the Windows app does not support the Ring Alarm. You can, however, utilize the Ring Alarm through your computer browser, here : http://app.ring.com/

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Thanks… Went and logged in and see it is very similar in appearance and function. Thinking about installing an Android emulator and running the app thru that to see if it is any better. Regardless, I’m staying with ring because the pros out way the cons and this is a minor issue at best. I’ll update the results of this task later when completed. Thanks again!

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