Pause for Smoke/CO listener

Would be great to have a simple “Pause” feature for the smoke/CO listener. Would be best if it could be activated via the keypad (enter code and then the check button) or just pushing the button on the listener (without requiring the app). Currently, if I notice food starting to smoke I have to run around my house to find my phone, put the listener into test mode and hit the button on it. Then, if the smoking food, etc. doesn’t actually set off the alarms, I have to do it anyways in order to complete setup. Normally, it’s just a big hassel and requires my attention to be devoted to that instead of my burning food; however, it could easily turn into a false report to my FD if I’m unable to get to my phone in time to answer the call from the monitoring center or if it’s just my wife home, etc.

There should be an option to disable automatic dispatch when the alarm is disarmed, and/or some means to cancel the fire response. If I had the fire department come to my house every time my downtstairs smoke detector went off, they might as well move the fire station across the street. (On the other hand, it might solve the problem with unruly street parking in my neighborhood; the fire trucks tend to remove mirrors and occassionaly doors.)