Pathlight feedback, Linked Devices

Last week I added Pathlights and Bridge to my home which already had Video Doorbell and Alarm (monitored). I have two items of feedback for the team.

First, my Linked Doorbell video recordings (based on Pathlight motion detection) almost always say “Live View” rather than “Linked Event - Motion” - I prefer the later (hardwired Ring Video Doorbell, if that matters). Perhaps that is a bug which is being worked on?

Second, it would be nice if it was somehow possible to have Linked Chimes similar to Doorbell options which can play a Motion Alert. The motion detection in Pathlights work much better for me than the Video Doorbell (which frequently catches passing vehicles and shadows and other lighting changes). So instead of Chime playing sound of dogs barking based on Video motion detection, I’d like to play sound of dogs barking based on Pathlight motion detection.

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This is fantastic feedback, we appreciate your observations! If Smart Light initiated events are still showing as “Live View” in the App, please uninstall the Ring application and then reinstall it through the app store. These should show as “Linked Event - Motion” rather than “Live View”.

As for the Chime integration, this is not a current feature of Smart Lighting, however I’m going to pass this along to the team as it is an excellent feature request. Let us know how the uninstall/ reinstall goes.

Thanks for response, I uninstalled and reinstalled, new event for linked doorbell video still shows as Live View. Most recent time it showed as Linked Event - Motion was June 6th 12:42am. Android App is 3.14.2

If it matters, Windows 10 app also shows as Live View, but the June 6th event there shows as Accepted Ring. That is wrong, since no one was ringing the bell at 12:42am and I did not answer at 12:42am.

While this is not the results we wanted to see, after the uninstall/ reinstall, it is still very useful information. I appreciate your observations and will make sure the team is aware of this concern to investigate on all platforms. Keep an eye out for future app updates as it may contain the fix to this.

I have an issue where I set up the pathlights near my entry gate so that i could reduce my doorbell range and cut down on false triggers from street and sidewalk traffic. The issue is, when someone comes through the front gate, they set off the motion sensor, but when they get to the door it does not ring because the motion was just started by the pathlight and the doorbell is recording. I know i have seen other users post about this on here and other forums. Are you guys currently working on that at all? I agree I would like to get a motion alert from my pathlights to my chime or alexa echos. And one more thing regarding the doorbell ringing, I have echos in every room. And have it set to ring via echo as well, but its all or nothing. I would REALLY love some customization regarding what echos ring and announce the doorbell and maybe even what tones are and what she says.

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I have the exact same experience. My path lights are linked to my ring doorbell 2. When motion is detected on the pathlight first, the doorbell is setup to record video via the doorbell as a linked event. The problem is that once the linked event triggers the recording, pressing the doorbell on the ring doorbell doesn’t set off notifications or chimes. Hopefully this is an easy fix for the ring team.

Thank you @AlRjordan and @JoeTo for sharing your experience with us. We value your feedback, and I’ll be sure to get this over to the team for consideration!

@DougHo , I wanted to also confirm you are now seeing the proper event title for linked events in your event history? If not, please confirm what app version you are using, and check for any updates available.