Past live view


I’ve been a ring user for sometime now and never had any issues. Until I had a person walk through my yard the other night. I went to check the footage and all of the sudden he is in my camera for motion. I was unable to tell where he came from. I was wondering are you able to see past cameras (even with no motion) as a live second by second view? I don’t understand why I am not able to. The time in the past without a recorded motion just flies by. Why can’t I see it second by second even if there is no motion?

Hi @JBowerman. Ring Devices do not record video outside of motion events that trigger a recording. If there is a short period of time before, or after, an event that you wish to see, you may be able to see it with our Snapshot Feature. This feature helps fill in the gaps in between recorded events. I hope this helps!