Panic mode activated shortly after disarm

Found out from my mom that for some reason the alarm went into panic mode shortly after she disarmed it yesterday, and let the dog out.

She used the app to disarm, entered the house, sat down her phone, let the dog out and alarm went off… got no notification or call for that matter. Not to mention the app told her to call 911. Doesnt panic mode meen Ring calls 911?

Wierd glitch I’m guessing, but hopefully it doesnt happen again.

Hey @RevMatty, I assume your mother is Ruth? If so, the reason why it says “User Initiated” siren is because she may have done this by accident! When it is a User Initiated siren, it is prompted from the in-app option. If you go to your dashboard and tap on the red shield with a white exclamation point in the middle, it will give you options for police, fire or medical.

Although, there is an option for “Sound Siren Only.” Since this is simply just a button to press, not like the other to slide, it will immediately set off the alarm is accidentally pressed! Now this could’ve been done via “butt dialing,” mis-click without knowing it, etc.

I would just caulk it up to a one time accidental error! If it continues to happen though, please reach out to our support team for further investigation.

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