Pan-Tilt Separate Home Location(s)

Hi Ring Community,

I have recently added a stickup cam with pan-tilt. I bought the pan-tilt to ensure I could tilt the camera away towards the wall (140° backwards) during unarmed moments. This extra level of privacy was comforting to know that nothing was recording or detecting motion while I was moving around my home during unarmed moments. The problem is your current configuration only allows for one home position for the pan-tilt feature. Implementing the option to have separate pan-tilt home locations based on alarm mode settings would resolve this issue. I would like to set my alarm home mode and my alarm away mode setting to have the camera facing outward recording and detecting motion in the room and back 140° towards the wall while I’m in unarmed mode. I’m sure with this additional level of control and privacy would ensure people would feel significantly more comfortable adding these stick up pan-tilt cameras inside their homes.

I should add I’m aware there is the ability to set the motion detection and alerts based on the individual alarm mode (unarmed, home, away). I and probably a good portion of your users feel significantly more comfortable with a camera in our home that is turned away when we’re active in our home. The concern of accidental recording, police accessing, or a hacker tapping into my camera is always going to be a concern in the back of our mind with a camera facing outwards. Allowing this capability is a quick and easy solution to address these concerns and inevitably boost sales on these two items (stick up cam & pan-tilt accessory).