Override Ring App Do Not Disturb on android 9 (Pie) ?

Does anyone knows how to override the Ring App notifications when Do Not Disturb is is on? or a work around to get the Ring Apps notifications.

Long press the Ring app icon. Tap app info. Tap notifications. Tap any notification you want. Then tap advanced. Turn on Do not disturb override. See attached screenshot showing the override setting.


Awesome info! Normally I find that posted solutions don’t work - but yours was spot on. Thanks for taking the time to post it!

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I completely agree!!! Spot on info…I have changed my DND setting. Thank you!!

Different versions of Android work differently but gets you in ballpark. For mine, after app info:
Tap notifications, tap motion notification etc…, turn on “ignore do not disturb”. Slide should show blue. This works for entire app and is not tethered to any icon. If you want to know when someone is in your driveway at 3am but want to avoid everything else, this should help. I also bypass my favorite list and only put emergency contact numbers I want to come through 24/7.

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