Override iPhone Do Not Disturb Mode in Ring App

All iPhones have a “Do Not Disturb” mode.

It can be activated by the cresent moon icon, or it can be timed to start & stop at a set time each night (or day).

All incoming call, message, notifications alerts, banners etc are silenced during this mode. Including Ring notifications.

There is a feature in the iPhone OS to override “Do Not Disturb” mode for incoming calls or texts from Important/Favourite phone numbers.

It would be excellent for Ring to create a feature in thier app to also override “Do Not Disturb” mode for Ring notifications.

The use case is simple: If there is motion of a person detected outside my door at night, I want to be woken up if if I am in “Do Not Disturb” mode.

In the same way i want to be woken up if i get a call from and important number (elderly relative for example).

This would be an excellent security feature.


I agree with this request. I was amazed to find it wasn’t there - it’s a doorbell and motion sensor!

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Please do it!!!

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How is this not an option?!!