Overexposed during first few seconds of recording

During daytime, the recordings are overexposed during the first 3-5 seconds of video. This usually is the time when motion is happening, where images needs to be very clear. Instead, I usually miss the motion and I am left with just scenery because of the overexposed first few seconds.

It seems like it can be easily fixed via software. It looks like it resets to adjusted to night every time, so when it starts recording during the day, it has to adjust again and agian and thus the overexposed video. This could explain why it doesn’t do it at night. The software should be fixed to keep the previous recording’s adjustment so that it is closer to the same brightness, and might not be so overexposed. Just a thought.


i don’t know what you guys did, but someone did it. it is all fixed now, no more overexposed video. you guys are awesome! thanks!