Outright disgusted with Ring recently

I just purchased 2 additional Ring Doorbells to add to my EXTENSIVE Ring integration in our house. I have spent well over $2k in Ring Cameras, Alarm etc. and have always recommended the products to friends / family. Sadly I will no longer be doing this.
I understand the reasoning behind discontinuing the Desktop app, but to not allow it to show newly added devices is simply unacceptable. If I can add an “older” version of the doorbell I was using back to my system, why not the new devices I purchase?
To add to my frustration, the new garage door opener I bought, which claims to work with Ring and Ring claims to work with it, does not. Why? Because I am located in Canada, not the USA. One of the selling features of this garage door opener was this integration…and I paid extra for it. Now it, and the 2 new Ring doorbells I purchased are being returned and I am searching for a replacement for all my Ring products.
Time for Ring to get some new Product Managers that actually talk with consumers…

Quit using the Ring Desktop app as they’ve made it clear they are not supporting it anymore or adding any new features or capabilities to it. Add you new devices via the Ring app on your phone or in the web browser.
Ring has never said MyQ (I believe that is what you are referring to) works in Canada, but only the USA. It’s unfortunate you jumped to that conclusion. You should be reaching out to Chamberlain and ask them why they don’t allow interoperation between them and Ring in Canada.

Good luck!