Outdoor spotlight cam not showing live view and recording black screen

Motion sensor on spotlight cam is working, getting alerts just fine, but will NOT show live view at all. Cam still records on motion detection, but when trying to view video, shows nothing but a black screen. Internet speed is over 300 Mb/s, signal strength to the cam is super strong. App is up to date. Permissions are all set correctly. Just started yesterday. Will still show a snapshot every hour, and the picture is crystal clear, but for some reason, it just will not show me the live view or record actual video. Not the first time having this issue. It eventually fixes itself after a couple days, but this is obviously a product/software issue. Please fix!!

No one is going to fix your issue for you. Since this isn’t a wide spread issue then it is more than likely your own configuration that is the cause.
Check your privacy settings.

Good luck!

I’m having the same issue except this has been happening for a couple of months for us, I delete and then re-add my cam, it works like normal for about 30 mins, then the same problem starts. All my four other cameras and doorbell camera work fine and no settings where changed before this started happening. We can’t be the only ones this is happening to.

Hi neighbors. There are a few factors that can contribute to Black Video. A good first step is to reboot your internet router. Wait about 10 minutes for your internet to fully restore and check if you are able to Live View. If not, try the steps listed in this Help Center article here.

If you are still having issues with a Black Video, try this test. Connect your Ring Device to a WiFi hotspot. Once connected, attempt Live View from your phone and if possible, a tablet or laptop via Ring.com. This will let you know if the issue is within your home network. As always, you can contact our support team for help if needed. Please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.