Outdoor Security Cameras on a large property

Dear Ring Community,

Recently my family and I had an incident of a very close break-in and our neihors luckily had a ring that notified them of a person in their yard. Unfortunately my property does not have wifi that can reach the entire property and espically where we would like to have cameras, the front gate. This gate is our private gate but it is far from our house and there is no wifi there. I was wondering if there was any way we could install cameras there without wifi, possibly with the Access Controller Pro. Our current gate has celluar access with its own phone number so it opens when we call it. It would nearly a thousand feet of ethernet cable to get out there. We live on an island so internet connectivity isnt the best here anyways but we do have cell service at the gate. So what are my options?

Hi @DouglasWendel! This is certainly a unique setup. Luckily at Ring we pride ourselves in being able to offer various solutions that can benefit our neighbors.

To start, most of our Camera devices require wifi to operate. That is with the exception of the Stick Up Cam Elite, which can operate using ethernet and has PoE capabilities. As you stated, it will be quite the distance to run ethernet, but this will be your best option for placing a Camera that far from wifi signal.

There are additional options available, outside of just Cameras, that might assist with your endeavor. Our Smart Lighting products are able to link to a Bridge to communicate efficiently over a distance. While it sounds like this distance would still be too far for over the air communication, one option might be to use a Smart Lighting Motion Detector and Bridge, and link it to your other Cams in the Ring app. By linking these, you can have the Smart Lighting Motion Detector placed further down your driveway than your Camera can reach, in which the Motion Detector can be linked to trigger motion on your other Cams. While this can improve motion range and your ‘Ring of security’, keep in mind that Smart Lighting does communicate over the air, thus it will be unlikely that this can reach out to your gate.

All in all, it sounds like your best option for a Camera here will be the Stick Up Cam Elite. In regards to the Access Controller Pro, there is a model that supports Ethernet and one that supports Cellular connection. Keep in mind this will require existing wiring at the location to work as intended. Check out our help center article for more information about the Access Controller Pro. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

I was wondering if you got a satisfactorily response to your question. I am similar but instead of being on an island I’m in the middle of a swamp. My security force are alligators! I don’t have an issue with crime out here, but thinking who might be wanting to come see me, I was considering about putting one of those RING systems out there at my gate. I asked them about a possible installation of a wi-fi near the gate, but I haven’t had a response from RING except a possible reach out to the community. You are the closest inquiry to mine. What did they tell you?