Original Ring Video Doorbell Not Showing Video on Echo Show 5

Hello -

My floodlight cam and stick up cams both can send video to my brand new Echo Show. When I try to ask Alexa to show “the front door” which is my original ring video doorbell, Alexa says “Front Door isn’t responding, please check its network connection and power supply”. The doorbell is capturing video and has been for a few years now when using the ring app directly, or ring.com. I’ve tried toggling the device settings off/on in the Alexa app on my phone. Even tried deleting and re-adding the skill and discovering devices again. Nothing works. Any suggestions?

I made a changed that fixed the issue. Went into Ring app on phone, clicked on video doorbell, Motion Settings, Motion Frequency. I had it set to Standard, changed it to Frequent. I pretty sure this fixed it. Just for fun, I turned on “motion announcement” in the Alexa Settings for the Ring Doobell too.

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