Ordering First Alert Z-Wave Smoke/Co Alarm in Canada

I’d like to order the combo smoke detector plus co alarm from Ring.com but it says it only ships to the US. I have looked for alternatives in Canada but I can’t find any for a reasonable price. Do you have any suggestions?

I can find it in the US but the cost to ship to Canada is too much in my opinion.

Also wondering what models are compatible.

Hey @DustyDad. The First Alert Z-Wave Smoke/Co Alarm combo is the only smoke/co alarm that is compatible with the Ring Alarm system and professionally monitored. If possible, you may be able to visit the First Alert site and see if they can ship to Canada for cheaper, or have anywhere you can buy it locally. First Alert makes a lot of smoke alarms, so please ensure you get the Z-Wave combo one that is compatible! Feel free to share what you find here, as this may help other Canadian neighbors. :slight_smile:

That doesn’t tell me what the model is. I did find the SCO500A and SCO500B. I think the B model is the correct one but it’s availability in Canada is sparse.

@DustyDad Here is the link to the one that First Alert sells on their website that is compatible: https://www.firstalertstore.com/store/products/z-wave-smoke-and-carbon-monoxide-alarm-zcombo-g.htm :smiley_cat:

Hi, found that Lowes in Canada is selling the ZCombo units.


I also did visit the store and checked the unit out, they are the units that work with Ring and it is mentioned on the packaging.