Order question. Can someone help?

I am a new user of ring and ordered the security kit and two floodlights on 4/13 but only received the floodlights on 4/16 although the tracking info shows both were shipped and delivered. I know ring is taking preorder for the kit on Amazon and will ship by the end of this month, but I am not sure if this is also the case for orders made via ring website. I contacted the customer service by help@ring.com a couple of days ago but haven’t gotten a reply yet. Can someone help me confirm the order status? If the kit has not been shipped, can I make a change to the order?

Hi @NewUser - just to confirm, this is the Security Kit you are referring to?

If so, yes this will not ship until end of this month. Hope this helps!

Can I make a change to the order? I want to have a 10-piece kit instead of 8.

@NewUser You will need to make sure you give our support team a chat or a call here to see if you can modify this order!