Orbs floating by doorbell cam

I got # 3 covered

We have Ghost Orbs from our 2 Inside Camara’s Only at night . When ever someone gets up to go to the bathroom the camara’s turn on and there are some times 3 - 4 Orbs’ within the minute the video lasts, Actually I suspected there was something in the apartment with us as I use to get woken up every night about 4:00 in the morning, I would sometimes feel shaken as if something just startled me which is the reason for the camera’s . (smile) - I contacted the [South Glens Falls Paranormal Society](https://www.facebook.com/SGFParanormal/? tn =kC-R&eid=ARBbtnMOgaqVX-zvY74GUgxEs7q66qc_txlbHvzxYavli9JeiDSUtkc_0f9o8D_h2H-uxOZQX0PXwsAM&hc_ref=ARQUmdcK92h5buP7ozkxqgl3v3RG8ZbnBRjT_-haKjsXMBpPoQ-yZQpGPIK9yXLcOS8&fref=nf& xts %5B0%5D=68.ARDQFZtMvZ1F2jRRtlUqjw3XoJLjobC7u3P_RF1oyQJwcuSfSY1xfTmgaLfCdJlZFvzihyt7LDIwKOnKETqMQ24dzRq_J_SE1hylG7BFl3O4sDfP5HyLjPOMHIeKoAwFczpomy_01DeMbXONGI-wO9iozQ743DWDFNLoKXnzLORmj8e173ZEHK8YqEoLBqvbx4AKgzgaiHrfD1IuD6aoxGCiStlZ4HwvdgXyG5AX0QJa_8Z9o9KBR3KLwGGBlyEuJmKLghMVi1sn5APiSYWJR6FmAY_JcdVUIGftQUUh_o18rt4cdZZQSJDhziJCFO9brGixDbRro0GKp7O_9qinbeHuHQ) and they told us about using Flash lights with on off turn switches ad said the Ghosts can manupilate them for what ever reason but you have to set the flashlight so its at the very edge of turning on. If you do this, They will be able to turn it on and off . Try it, They sell these flashlights at Hardware stores, for about $15.00. Once you see the flashlights turning on and off, you will have confirmation of the Ghosts, first of all but then you can ask questions to it if you like by yes or no, Yes for on, No answer keep it off but flash it quickly. It works , We bought 3 of these flash lights and what ever Ghosts we are living with turns the different ones on and off do to the question , Its kind of cool but never guarenteed that they will even answer you. sometimes it works, other times not, Its up to them I’m guessing if they are even able to manipulate the flashlight, who knows, If there is one Ghost, There could be more. even., Gee, This sounds like I’m a wako, doesn’t it, Ghosts and all that but something or someone is turning these flashlights on and off and our Rempod goes through batteries like its never eaten’ LOL You be the judge, LO L

             To dive deeper into this ,We also bought what is called a    "REMPOD " - Ghost detector. You  can find this item from Ghoststop.com      It's $189.00,  if I remember right,  WELL WORTH  IT'S  MONEY,   =  OMG,  It goes off all the time.  You can set it to detect temperature change  or energy ,      I love this thing,  WE ARE DIFFENITLY NOT ALONE.   I'm Hooked.  lol   [https://www.ghoststop.com/REM-Pod-EMF-Detector-p/emf-rempod.htm](https://www.ghoststop.com/REM-Pod-EMF-Detector-p/emf-rempod.htm)

Heres a photo of the flash lights so you can see what kind to buy

I’m sorry, I can’t buy that excuse, Dust partacles would just float around possibly, Our Orbs take off with some kind of speed. all different sizes too. and they are not bugs, They are some kind of ORBS, I see them come out from walls , the floor and the ceiling. They are inside my home. I bought your camera’s spicificly for this reason because I knew there was something going on within my home. I also bought a Rempod to detect Ghosts, You can say what you want about your orbs but I know better, Our Rempod Ghost detector goes off all the time and we actually can talk with the Ghosts to have them turn spacific flash lights on and off. Maybe my Orbs are different than others but I have a very Strong feeling, These are Ghosts Orbs or souls and your camera’s are actually seeing them. It’s amazing what camera’s see that our eyes dont.

I had the exact same phenomenon on my camera last night… I mean exactly same shape. Must be something within the night vision in camera. Unplugged and reconnected camera and it no longer appeared.

Weird, I got this

Part of a spiderweb.

Trust me. They’re nothing to be alarmed of but some people will always think otherwise. Best to leave them believe what they want…

I get these a bunch and they are fascinating to me. I have 8 night vision cams inside and find that they are not bugs. I have seen spiders and flying insects and they appear bright white when close to the camera. These are fuzzy edged translucent spheroids that travel in unusual patterns. I have a video of 4 of them in a corkscrew pattern. Most of them are seen in the big crawl space oh and I found out that the tract was built over a Paiute burial area.

I would agree normally BUT… i’ve compared to other bugs and it’s defo not bugs. These are not just orbs, they are like rays of light coming in from different directions. The beams strike randomly, the movement is slow, shift suddenly and even reflect on the walls and glass.

The rays appear to be bluish whereas with bugs they are just white, i can see wings or little crawling legs, buzzing or crawling around like any little creature would. These orbs are not moving at all like a bug.

I will investigate further and get to the bottom of it. I’ve also installed other cams, (not Ring cams) around the parameter to see if what is being picked up is not just a bug on the lens.

More to come… stay tuned.

@nimbex I agree. The movement is clearly not that of a creepy crawling bug, spider or flying insect. Do you see the beam of light? My friend says it’s a Spider web but… no spider or spider legs anywhere and they beam all over the grounds moving in many directions, sometimes slowly, sometimes quick.

Ours look the same. It definitely freaked me out… still kinda does! Haha


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No, this is not a bug, nor it is electron/photon. I am an engineer and your explaination is false. It is always the same shape and size. in my case it is comng from outside entering the door. I don’t believe in ghoasts, but this is a Ring misfunction of somekind that needs to be repaired. I hope no one buys your product anymore until it’s fixed. I am buying a Blink camera to install across from this to double check your theroy. Note the 3 videos attached.



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Tell us besides Ring if you discover a cause. Ring keeps telling us what it is but not how to solve the problem. Also would help to be able to easily Snooze the alarm several hours at night.

No it’s more like constant things continue to fly across and around my camera. Like a spot that has a motion following it

No not at all like this these are more faster and more than 1 or 2 it’s crazy

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I just had this last night! Never had it before, watching the live ca looked like shooting stars or something. Motion detection alerts were constant. Stepped out the door and nothing, no bugs because I spray regularly. This is super weird.

Replaced my cam No more problems

Hi everyone. My so called orbs look nothing like any of the ones posted here. Mine begin looking like a reflection then change shape to a solid ball of light that moves around erratically and with some sort of speed. Also, stuff or light shoots out of it. Like a slim bead of light. It’s strange. It looks NOTHING and moves NOTHING like all the ones pictured here. It’s weird.

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Did you catch them on video? I would love to watch it. We too have Orbs but they are inside our apartment. We haven’t caught anything on our Doorbell cam , but we have 2 inside cams set up within the apartment and we get Orbs alost every night,Not during the day but at night between the hours of 11:00 and 2:00 from what I can tell. I personally believe they are Spirits we can’t see them with our own eyes but the Camara can see them because of the night vision infared. I’m convinced it is not dust,Insects of any kind like the good people at Ring tell us, but Rather Spirits or Aliens. Diffenitly, NOT dust or insects. I have personally witnessed 2 seperate apperitions within my apartment so I’m thinking it’s spirits, We contacted the South Glens Falls Paranormal sociaty about them and they told us to buy a couple flashlights from the hardware store that have a “TURN” on off switch. set the on/off switch to where it’s barely ready to turn on and set it down where you think the spirits are. Then ask the spirit a question and see if it answers you. We tried this and were amazed that it actually works, We bought 3 flashlights, They are only $20.00 a piece . We asked the spirit to turn the right flashlight on, = The Right Flashlight turned on. Then we asked it to shut it off and the flashlight turned off. Then we asked the spirit to turn the one on on the left side ON , - THE ONE ON THE LEFT SIDE TURNED ON.! ok, so now we are certain we have spirits within the apartment where we live, so we went online and bought a rem Pod for $169.00. I’ve added a photo of the Rem Pod here so you can see what it looks like. It’s well worth the price, if you are sure you have spirits. As soon as it came in the mail, we turned it that night and it went off most of the night. . We are convinced the Orbs are Spirits or Aliens, One or the other. By the way, Here is a link where you can purchase the rem Pod if should you want . https://ghosthuntersequipment.com/products/rem-pod-with-atdd-ambient-temperature-deviation-detection