Option to turn off Night Vision on Ring Cameras

OK I’ll bite, what is LPR?

License Plate Reader - Automatic number-plate recognition is a technology that uses optical character recognition on images to read vehicle registration plates to create vehicle location data. It can use existing closed-circuit television, road-rule enforcement cameras, or cameras specifically designed for the task. - Best License Plate Recognition (LPR) Security Cameras

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Wow, been over a year already. I don’t think Ring is listening, guys.
Glad I kept my Nest cam. It’s time to junk the ring cameras and doorbell from my house.

Iv just installed a ring pro 2 doorbell in place of my nest hello, I cant believe ring wont allow to turn off night vision, what a rubbish picture, the hello is full colour at night and the ring is very dark, it did flick to full colour for a few seconds lastnight and it looked perfect, then back to dark again, sort it out ring, this post is 2y old.

Please add this feature

Hi. I have been very disappointed of the spotlight camera video quality in night vision. I wiah ring can have the feature to turn off the night vision when the spotlight camera, detect motion and the light feature is turn on. A YouTuber did a little"hack" with a fiber-optic that he tapes one end to the Infrared sensor…and the other end to the light…to trick the spotlight it’s still day time…the video quality is way way better that u can see someone’s face clearly.
See it for yourself. httpss://youtu.be/cTqZp92qB18

Please allow the Infrared lights for Night Vision to be turned off on the Flood Light Cam or any Ring Cam for that matter. There are many places that light reflection is an issue.

I’d like to suggest the option to disable IR lights at night or disabling night vision on doorbells the same as you can on Stick Up Cam Battery’s. The footage therefore remains colour for those who chose to turn it off making anyone caught on the footage more identifiable rather than using night vision footage. I live in an area with street lighting and sensor lights on my house however they are not bright enough to turn the night vision back into colour. When I chose to disable it on the stick up cam battery the footage is much clearer with my security lights.

This is already an available feature on the Ring Indoor cam, due to infrared lights creating too much reflection on the inside of windows at night.

I think it should be a selectable option on all the cameras. Because if there’s enough ambient lighting at night where the camera is set up, these cameras are able to give a decent color picture even if surroundings are dim enough for night vision to auto activate. In these cases, the night vision just turns everything black and white. We should be able to turn off the infrared if we want, just like on the indoor cam.