Option to turn off LED on Doorbell

So Ring/Amazon has posts dating back literally years regarding addressing the request by hundreds and hundreds of users to disable to LED ring around the doorbell button. Not only does this cast a white light on the brick directly adjacent to my doorbell (thereby causing a huge bright spot in the night vision and causing everything else to be blacked out in the frame until someone/something gets within 5 feet of my front door…A LEGITIMATE SAFETY ISSUE), it also attracts bugs to the light ring and causes numerous false alerts, so I wake up to 5 notifications on my phone in the morning that motion was detected at my front door. I don’t even bother going through these any more, because it’s like at least 3 or 4 every single night, so if someone were sneaking around my house at night, I wouldn’t even see them.

Oh, and I have the motion sensor set up to trigger my exterior smart floodlights that I have set up through Smartthings using WebCore, so I have ike 10 exterior flood lights turning on and off randomly throughout the night for 10 minutes at a time because of a moth.

So does a multi-billion dollar company really have that big of an issue implementing an option to turn off the LED ring on the unit? Or do they just not care, and are issuing hollow placations that they have no intent to act upon? There are requests for this feature dating back to 2016 so I’m guessing they have lots of code to comb through to make this happen?

I also enjoy that Ring is unable to provide chat and email support at this time due to COVID because they are taking extra precautions regarding the safety of their employees…but I guess that protection doesn’t extend to their Amazon Warehouse employees who are making the company money still? “We still have the ablility to sell you things but we’re using COVID as an excuse to cut corners and save money.” Great job guys.