Option for specific Motion Zone settings and Motion Zone Schedules

I agree this needs to be a thing! I want to record everything in front of my house, but I only want notifications if someone is on my porch. Let me have my cake and eat it too!

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I would like to request the ability to set different motion zones to work at different times.

At the moment, at certain times of the day when the sun is low in the sky, the sun creates shadows which reach up my path. The ring sees this and even with ‘people only mode’ on, gives continuous notifications that make the system intolerable. We live in London so footfall down our residential road is still high. I have had to significantly shrink my motion zone so that the doorbell is only triggered when someone is very close to the front door. This really isn’t what we wanted the Ring for - we need to see when people come up our path and go towards our bins as couriers often leave parcels there. Also we want to see anyone who comes into our front yard. At the moment this not within the motion zone and therefore not triggered for notifications or recording. If I could have the Ring change motion zone at certain times of day, I could have it switch to the smaller motion zone for the few hours or so where the sun is low in the sky, that would solve the issue.

From doing some Googling I can see this is a commonly requested feature on Reddit and also requested at least 10 times on here when searching for ‘motion schedule’. After looking through some more posts I can see there are many more requests for this feature under different topics/terms. People would find this useful for various reasons.

This seems a really basic feature that could easily be incorporated into the motion scheduling UI.

It is disappointing as without this feature I can see that I will eventually move away from Ring. I hope this feature can be added asap.

YES +1
Only reason i came here, i live on a new development so dont need the pavement alerting during day, but i do after 5pm.

I see this has been ehre for 2 years now … any progress Ring??

I have previously posted a YES +1 here. Did some research and came back to this thread today to see if anything has changed, but it appears it hasn’t.

I have a Ring Doorbell Elite. Although I love how it looks and appreciate how well it functions, I admit the inability to send alerts upon detecting motion in a specific zone is major drawback - I think it’s completely reasonable to say that zone motion alerts are an essential function of any home surveillance system.

In the past, I have worked with HikvisionDVR/camera combos, and the zone motion alerts and zone recordings worked flawlessly - it was easy to zero-in on specific events as a result. With the Ring doorbell, I need to sift through many incidental recordings to find recordings of the specific zone I care most about (my front porch). I have the same wish as the one another community member posted above: I wish I could simply have all activity in the front of my house recorded BUT only receive motion alerts when there is motion on my porch.

I have 30 years experience in technology, and I have to believe this would not be a difficult software update for the Ring team. I am puzzled as to why it isn’t a reality yet.

I strongly encourage the Ring team to make this a priority.

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I have the Ring Video Doorbell, and I would like to set Motion Alerts per Motion Zone. I have 2 Motion Zones setup. I want to record events and get alerts for Zone 1, but I only want to record events for Zone 2.

Did you check the Feature Request Board for your proposed feature? It seems I’ve seen the same suggestion before so it might be worthwhile to see if there’s already one and vote on it and delete yours.

@Caitlyn_Ring @Tom_Ring can we get an update on if this feature is in development at all? This thread has been going for 2 years now with no clue if the suggestion is being heard or not. I’ve come to this thread wanting the same feature and bummed it’s unaddressed.

Ring never pre-releases any information on future products or feature releases, especially in these forums. We’ll all learn about them when they make a public announcement.