Opera & Live View

I’m using Opera v68.0 on an Android v12 Samsung S21.

The Ring web app works fine except when I click on Live View for any of my cameras, at which point I get ring error “Your browser version does not support live view, we recommend updating to Opera v61.0 or later”.

Being at Opera v68.0 I’m not sure how to fix.

Any ideas?


Try another browser until Ring’s Live View catches up with the version of Opera you prefer to use.

Your answer was not helpful at all.

Well, what do you expect? We are just fellow users and have no connection with Support. We can’t wave a magic wand and fix your issue for you. Mine was a legitimate suggestion even if it isn’t what you were wanting. C’est la vie.
You want support then please by all means contact them ( Contact Us – Ring Help) Note wait times are long.
Good luck.