Opening main door to let dogs out in home mode

Hi, just installed ours today and wanted to ask what do i need to do when i need to let my dogs out in the middle of they night sometimes.
I have two doors with sensors, both set as Main Doors. Do i just disarm the system for the few minutes they’re out doing their business or leave it in home mode, I haven’t practiced this particular situation yet. Probably would be good question if my husband leaves early for work, what would he need to do before opening the door. I need to open his invite and set it up on his phone, might be easier for him to disarm then arm it when hes out. I know i can do the same with the app for my dogs, but wanted to ask about the keypad way. Thanks in advance

Hey @Plummrey. I recommend completely disarming your system before opening up any doors that have a sensor on them, whether it’s for the dogs or your husband leaving for the morning! By default, Home mode disables the Motion Sensors, but leaves the Contact Sensors active, so you’ll want to have them completely disarmed in Disarm mode before “tripping” them.

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