Opening alert deletes video

My ring floodlight camera got an alert this morning about motion near our garage. My wife opened the alert to watch the live video on the camera to see two men standing in our driveway, and was able to watch them live for a couple of minutes before they left. However, after clicking on the event and watching the live feed the event history no longer shows that event and we have no video recording of that event, but still have recordings of events only minutes before and minutes after. This has happened in the past too, where watching our live video feed has prevented the ring from recording the video. Has anyone else had this issue?

Hey @Thewee1! Depending on how long you viewed a live video, it can take some time for the recording to appear. Of course, after a few moments, it should be there. If it is not, I recommend removing the Ring app, rebooting your phone, and reinstalling the app. If this concern persists, please ensure your mobile device connection is optimal and features, settings, or other apps on the mobile device are not interfering. I hope this helps!